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Lead Tetraacetate

Lead Tetraacetate
Lead Tetraacetate
Product Code : LT - 144
Product Description

Lead Tetra Acetate

CAS No.  546-67-8    
Chemical Name:    Lead tetraacetate
Synonyms:    LTA;PB(ACAC)4;LEAD ACETATE; plumbicacetate;LEAD(+4)ACETATE; leadtetracetate;LEADTETRAACETAT;Lead acetate ;LEAD(IV) ACETATE;tetra-leadacetat
CBNumber:    CB4317577
MolecularFormula:    C8H12O8Pb-2
Formula Weight:    443.38 546-67-8

Chemical Properties of Lead Tetra Acetate
White solid

General Description of Lead Tetra Acetate
Faintly pink wet crystals with an odor of vinegar.

Air & Water Reactions of Lead Tetra Acetate
Unstable in air. Reacts with water to form brown lead dioxide and acetic acid [Merck 11th ed. 1989].

Reactivity Profile of Lead Tetra Acetate
Organometallics are strongly reactive with many other groups. Incompatible with acids and bases. Organometallics are good reducing agents and therefore incompatible with oxidizing agents. Often reactive with water to generate toxic or flammable gases. Generally highly toxic. Often react on contact with tissues to give toxic products.

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